broken consort

rhodri davies / matt davis / mark wastell



Mark Wastell and Rhodri Davies are the core members of Broken Consort. They have been performing together in various groups since 1995. Their first duo concert took place at ‘Anagrams’, Stockholm, in August 2000.  Broken Consort draws on additional members when and where necessary, and has played as a trio, quartet, and in larger formations.

The ensemble name comes from ‘Broken’ (a small group of instruments of different types) and ‘Consort’ (to associate or agree). Through combining acoustic and electronic instruments, they explore the nature of space, silence, noise and electronic sound.

Concerts/Festivals include: Metronom, Barcelona (2001), Fylkingen, Stockholm (2001), Derby Dance Centre (2002), All Angels, London (2002), Tour of Japan (2003), Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester (2003), CPT, London (2003), Electric Spring Festival, Huddersfield University (2004), Fylkingen, Stockholm (2004), Fruits De Mhere Festival, France (2004), LMC at the Spitz, London (2004), The Horse Hospital, London (2005), Pyramid Arts, Warrington (2005), Jackson’s Lane, London (2005), Avanto Festival, Helsinki (2006), The Lime Tree, Aberdeen (2007), Cafe Oto, London (2008).



Broken Consort (Matt Davis, Rhodri Davies, Mark Wastell) : Done (Quakebasket CD 24, 2005)