john butcher & rhodri davies

(2000- )


Butcher and Davies' first duo performance (released on Vortices and Angels), in 2000, was an entirely acoustic saxophone and concert-harp improvisation. Since then they have attempted to both celebrate and  dissolve their instruments’ boundaries.

“Carliol” (2010) merged physical, acoustic and electrical possibilities with the harp played by air, the saxophone by physical impact; the harp as a resonator for saxophone feedback; the saxophone as a filter for electric-harp.

“Routing Lynn” (2014) was a composition that interacted live with 4 channel open-air recordings made by Chris Watson.

Most recently their have drawn on all of these experiences to produce multi ranging improvisations which respond fluidly to the particular acoustics and atmosphere of each situation.




john butcher and rhodri davies: drunk on dreams (cejero CEJ11 LP, 2019)

john butcher and rhodri davies: routing lynn (ftarri-217 CD, 2014)


john butcher and rhodri davies: carliol (ftarri-220 CD, 2010)

john butcher and rhodri davies (and derek bailey): vortices and angels (Emanem CD 4049, 2000)